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Marina Coates

Creator of Mockingbird Lane Design

Hi! I'm Marina Coates. Welcome to Mockingbird Lane Design.

I'm a designer with a degree in architecture, who also specializes in creating CG [computer-generated] tours of the homes I design. I graduated from the architecture program in 2012. 

I have always had an absolute obsession with houses. All kinds. Every kind. Old and New. Large & Small. But, nothing passions-me-up more than the design found in the cinema. You'll see why in a minute. 

I believe more people would get excited about design if they better understood how it works - in other words, if they were taught the principles behind good design. 




I will teach you those principles and how to apply them.

I hope to open your mind to new possibilities when it comes to design.

And, I believe you'll have a lot of fun as you become a part of the creative process.

So, why do I take us to the cinema as we explore these principles?

Because they are masters at it - masters at creating a mood and telling the story of the people who live there. They basically have 2 hours to tell us everything we need to know about those characters and to set a tone for the film. So, they've learned how to condense down design to have the greatest impact. 














I'll teach you how to do the same thing in your home - how to tell your story through design and how to create the mood you want to have there. And, we'll go to the cinema to learn those techniques.

In addition, since I have a degree in architecture, and an obsession in set design- I started creating TV and movie homes and giving CG tours of those homes. I call it my "little obsessive hobby." You'll see those on this website too.


I have 2 shows on YouTube.

1. CINEMATICALLY INSPIRED DESIGN -  We take the design secrets found in the cinema and learn how to easily bring those same principles into our own homes.  

You can watch any episode of CINEMATICALLY INSPIRED DESIGN here: 


2. BEHIND THE SCENES - We get up close and personal with all of your favorite TV and movie homes. I give CG tours of the homes and share fun facts and stories along the way.

You can watch any episode of BEHIND THE SCENES here: 


You can view some of my design work here: https://www.mockingbirdlane.design/portfolio

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