Hi! I'm Marina Coates. Welcome to Mockingbird Lane.

I'm a 3-D designer with a degree in architecture. After my kids were grown, I went back to school and graduated from the architecture program in 2012. I have been happily designing and 3-D modeling ever since. I have always had an absolute obsession with houses. All kinds. Every kind. Old kinds. New kinds. Small & Large.

But, nothing passions-me-up more than the homes I see on TV and in the movies. I have often missed the plot because I was poring over every detail of the set design going on in the background. If the homes on the screen were the real scene-stealers for you too, then you've come to the right place. 

  • First, I will show you the homes in 3-D, in their original glory, fully restored. If they were only shown to us in black and white, then I'll show them to you in their true colors. Then, the real fun begins - I'll remodel the homes, so you can see what they might look like today. 

  • Next, I will show you views that you've never seen before, such as places in the homes that were hidden from us, including the 4th wall - the missing wall that allows the cameras to enter the room. You'll even get to see an overhead shot of the entire 1st floor layout. And, perhaps the nicest surprise of all - I'll give you a video walk-through tour of your favorite tv homes!

  • And along the way, I'll answer age-old questions, such as:  What would the exterior of the home look like, if it matched what was going on inside? -because you know they never do. And, could someone with that income actually afford that home? - sigh, rarely. And, where could I find home furnishings like that?

For many of us, the homes were the true silent stars of the screen. So, if you too, have a passion for your favorite TV and movie homes, come join me for a leisurely walk through the cinematic hallways of the past and present. 


During this process, I've developed my own unique cinematically-inspired design style. I draw from the rich hues of the classic movies of the 50's and 60's that were dripping with saturated colors. I always thought it looked as though the cinematographers had poured a layer of golden honey generously over each frame. As I worked on the remodels of these iconic homes, I began to see a style emerge that was integrating my love of these great cinematic films, with my love of design. Look for it on these pages. See if the renovated versions of these homes recall to your mind the colors, mood and atmosphere of those incredible movies from 50 years ago - but, with a modern twist! I hope you enjoy!

If you want to know more about the Cinematically Inspired Design process, go behind the scenes at: https://www.mockingbirdlane.design/blog/behind-the-scenes

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