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Marina Coates

Creator of Mockingbird Lane Design

Hi! I'm Marina Coates. Welcome to Mockingbird Lane Design.

I have a degree in architecture and an obsession in set design!

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As a free-lancer, some days I have extra time on my hands. On one of those days I was getting ready to send some images off to a developer, but for whatever reason decided to use the time just for fun instead. 

I had always wanted to walk around inside of the home from The Dick Van Dyke Show and here was my chance. So I created the Petrie home on my computer, walked around inside and I was hooked

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Since then I have created many more TV and movie home tours for my Behind the Scenes series, often interviewing people involved with the show.

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But, it doesn't stop there. 

One of the reasons we love these homes so much is because of the unique set of design principles that go into TV and movie homes.

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Why are the principles unique? 

Because Set Designers are storytellers at heart. They use design to tell us more about the people who live there and to create a mood.

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And when it comes to movie design in particular, they only have about 2 hours to accomplish this - they won't be coming back week after week to tell us more. So, they have learned how to condense down design to have the greatest impact.

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In my series Cinematically Inspired Design, you will learn how to take the design secrets from the cinema and bring them into your own homes - to tell your story through design and to create the mood you want to have there.


I have 2 shows on YouTube.

1. CINEMATICALLY INSPIRED DESIGN - We take the design secrets from the cinema and learn how to easily bring those same principles into our own homes.

You can watch any episode of CINEMATICALLY INSPIRED DESIGN here:

2. BEHIND THE SCENES - We get up close and personal with all of your favorite TV and movie homes. I give CG tours of the homes and share fun facts and stories along the way.

You can watch any episode of BEHIND THE SCENES HERE:

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