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Full House: If the Exterior Matched the Interior

Updated: Sep 5, 2022

Before I show you what the exterior would look like, if it really matched up to the interior, we first need to discuss the attic.

When Uncle Jesse married Becky, they moved to a previously unseen attic. Look at the ceiling of the attic here and the overall height of the room.

Now look at the roof here on the exterior. It's true that there is a false height at the front, but there is not enough room for the total height of this room.

I recently visited the home from Full House.

The first thing that I noticed upon arrival, was that for the home to exist as shown on tv, it would have been so wide, it would have actually extended into the neighboring home on this side.

But, if it could exist there, here is what it would look like from the outside.

You have the stairwell past the bay window with the stained glass window above.

And the stained glass window from the bathroom.

And, the attic would stick up like this one the top.

The home expanded more to accommodate extra rooms more than any other tv home I've done so far. In that regard, I guess you could say it truly is . . . a Full House.

If you visit the home from Full House, it is only a short 18 minute walk to another great home - the house from Mrs. Doubtfire.

And, in case you missed the full tour of the Full House home, here it is below:

To see all of my tv and movie homes tours, click on this link:

And, this link will take you to the home page of this website, with even more things to see:

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