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Inspiration List for Storyboards

This list goes along with Cinematically Inspired Design Ep. 9: How to Design a Room Using Storyboards like the Cinema. You'll want to watch the episode above first to understand how to use them.

The list below is just to get you started. There are so many more things. You are looking for things that resonate with you on a deep level. Things you love. Things that have an attached meaning to them or elicit a mood or feeling. Many will have memories attached to them as well. Some will be from your childhood, while others could have be as recent as from your morning commute today.


Books - what types are you drawn to?

Movies - what are your top favorite movies of all time?

Movie Scenes - which ones stick in your mind and why

Music - songs, lyrics, symphonies, concerts, singing styles, etc.

Vacations Spots - both places you've been and places you'd like to go

Things that remind you of your home town

Clothing, costumes

People - everything from people in your life to historical figures

Pets and other animals


Seasons - and parts about the seasons that you love

Parts of nature that resonate with you

Pastimes and hobbies

Specific Colors


Artwork - paintings, sculptures, pottery, etc.

Other forms of art, such as dance

Places you love - museums, parks, libraries, etc.



Things associated with loved ones - perhaps a quilt your grandmother used to have


Sports - particular sports and things associated with them


Something from your room as a child, such as a lamp on your nightstand

A favorite restaurant

A poem

An old TV show



Your career or a career you'd love

Subjects you are drawn to, such as Math, Science, Physics

Sounds you love, ie: thunder

Smells you love

Situations, such as getting snowed in


Working Out - hikes, jogging, swimming, etc.

Comic Books

Forms of entertainment

Alright now, let your imagination run wild. Have fun with the "gathering information" part of this episode. Up next - analyzing and editing. But, for now, just gather.

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