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The Brady Home - if the exterior matched the interior!

Updated: Jan 20, 2022

This post is all about what the Brady Bunch house would look like, if the exterior matched what was going on inside. Be prepared to be a little mad.

You might not be able to handle the truth! If the image below causes you anxiety, I highly recommend not reading any further.

So, what would the front actually look like if the exterior of the home matched up with what was going on inside? Wait for it...wait for it...

Did you notice that with that "left wing" of the home missing, we are now able to see the garage much more easily. And, who would have thought the front would actually look so boxy?

I know some of you may think I'm lying. Believe me, I wanted the interior of the home to match up to the exterior as much as you - I really did! So, let me show it to you from a different angle to help you comprehend what slowly dawned on me as I worked with the model.

Let's look at the whole main floor as it sits on the lot, showing its relationship to the garage,etc.


I purposely didn't add the floor of the hallway upstairs, so you could see through to the main floor, to help you understand how they relate to each other.

And, here it is with the 3rd floor added - Greg's attic bedroom.


Here is how all of this looks from a front view of the home. I haven't added the roof yet, because I want you to really get a feel for the layout first. In the image above, notice how far the boys' room juts out from the main floor below.

And, look at the girls' bedroom. There is going to need to be some serious cantilevering supports going on.

And, now for the roof...


Not enough "can'ts" in cantilever, to describe this!

And, finally the front view.


I couldn't help myself. I just had to do a couple more images of the home. These are sections of the home that allow us to see the relationship of the rooms to each other, from a different view.

You can see all of the TV and Movie home tours I've created here:

Part 1: Main Floor Tour - living room, Mike's den and the dining room

Part 2 of the main floor - the kitchen, laundry room, Alice's Room, family room and the backyard.

Part 3 - the upstairs and Greg's attic room

To see much more of this home - both inside and out, visit this link from my home page: as well as this In Depth look at the Brady home:

Julia from Hooked on Houses did a deep exploration of this home too, including behind the scenes information, the home's 80's transformation for "A Very Brady Christmas" and what the interior of the real home looks like today -or did, just before HGTV bought it. You can catch all of that here:

By the way, I'm currently working on Hogwarts! It should be done sometime in December 2020.


I watched "Getting Greg's Goat," Season 5, Episode 6 to figure out the layout of the 2nd floor. I watched it and watched it and watched it. I paused it and paused it and paused it - until I finally understood what exactly was taking place upstairs. For those who care, I'll walk you through it below. Those who don't, can just scroll on through to the bottom.

When Greg goes up the stairs, he turns left to go down the hallway. The first room he passes is the boys' room on his right.

Then the shared boys' and girls' bathroom, on his right and the linen closet.

And, then the girls room, on his right at an angle. The door he is reaching for in this shot, is the door to his attic bedroom.

When he enters the door, the stairs to the attic are directly in front of him. But, then the stairs turn to his right before he lands at the top. This information will come into play later, when I place the attic room over the 2nd floor.

Later in the episode, the goat gets loose, while Carol Brady is giving some members of the PTA a tour of the home. This helped with figuring the layout of the rest of the 2nd floor.

In the image below, Mrs. Brady tells the PTA members to go down the hall to the master bedroom. Notice the girls' bedroom behind them. They are heading back down the hallway towards the boys' room to get to the master bedroom.

Then, Greg comes out of the linen closet and heads down the hall, to his left, with the shared bathroom and boys' bedroom on his left.

At this point, he tries to conceal the goat as he passes the master bedroom on his right, behind him in this shot.

Then, he runs into Alice, who has just come up the stairs, causing the goat to run into the master bedroom.

And, how do I know it's the master? Because the very next shot is the goat entering the parents' bedroom.

And, that's the way I came to know the layout of the Brady Bunch home. Phew!

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