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The Homes from WandaVision

Updated: May 4, 2021


In the first episode, the home is modeled after The Dick Van Dyke Show. Here is a tour of the original home:

You can also see it in color, on this YouTube channel:


In the 2nd episode of WandaVision, the set design was inspired by the Bewitched Home. Take that tour here:

You can also get a tour of the upstairs of the Bewitched home, garage and backyard here:


In Episode 3, Wanda and Vision travel to the Brady Bunch home. Tour the home here:


The set in Episode 5 was a mixture of Family Ties and Full House. See if you can spot the elements from each home. You can take the tour of the Full House home here:

Episode 7

In episode 7 we see more of the Bewitched home exterior, including in the closing credits, when Monica Rambeau begins to explore around the home.

In case you missed it, you can take a tour of the exterior of the Bewitched home yourself here - including the garage, the backyard and the upstairs. Take the tour here:

AGATHA ALL ALONG - introducing a little bit of The Munsters

We hear a similarity from the Munsters opening theme song in the music from, "Agatha All Along." We can also see it in the font used for the titles.

And from the moment Wanda enters the basement, we get a definite vibe from Grandpa Munster's dungeon.

Wanda in the basement with Agatha/Agnes.

Grandpa Munster's dungeon.

You can tour Grandpa Munster's dungeon here:

You can explore the rest of the Munsters home here:

One is a vampire and one is a witch, but I believe I can see a little of Lily Munster in Agatha. How about you?

Lily Munster

Agatha Harkness

The Production Designer for WandaVision, Mark Worthington, said in an interview in Thrillist, that Episode 1 also had influences from I Love Lucy. See if you can find those comparisons, as you walk through the I Love Lucy apartment here :

You can also see the I Love Lucy apartment tour in color, here:

There has been some discussion that parts of the Leave it to Beaver home made it into Episode 2, such as in the clothes the characters were wearing and the way Wanda answers the phone. See if you can find any similarities in the house from the Leave it to Beaver home by taking the tour here:

Many people have suggested that episode 3 included hints of The Mary Tyler Moore Show. For that reason, I will post the tour of that apartment below and let you be the judge.

For those of you who might like to tour another magical place - this video gives tours of some of the wonderful places from Harry Potter:

You can see all of the TV and Movie home tours I've finished on my YouTube Channel here:

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