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The Mary Tyler Moore Show

Updated: Mar 16

I've just begun work on Mary's apartment. I am as excited as you to see what it looks like with that missing 4th wall. What will I be putting on that wall we've never seen? Hmmm.

Stay tuned to find out. I will be posting images on here as I complete them.

Did you remember that Mary had no bedroom in her first apartment? She used the pull-out bed in her sofa each night instead.

Image from: HookedonHouses.net

You can almost see the 4th wall. Not time for that reveal yet. But, I've been over there and it's pretty roomy. Let's just say that I think Mary is going to finally get a real bed when I do the remodel.

A couple more views we never got to see on the show. Oh, how I love this apartment! But, poor Mare, she had such a small kitchen - maybe that contributed to all of her misfortunes when giving parties.

Notice the tiny little dorm-sized fridge that sits under the counter? That's all she had. Try giving a party with that!

And, now for the 4th wall.

How did I come up with the idea of beams on the ceiling? These shots below give us a little peek at the beams.

Here's an overhead view of Mary's entire apartment, including the never-shown bathroom, because even though it goes against character, I'm pretty sure Mary would have needed one.

Tour Mary's Apartment in the video above - you'll finally get to walk through her closet and experience her cramped kitchen for yourself.

I discovered an Etsy account [Donna's Craft Collage] that makes replicas of Mary's hat. I am receiving no compensation for putting this information here, but for those who would like a copy of the hat and don't win the contest, here is her site: https://www.etsy.com/listing/494335974/mary-tyler-moore-style-crochet-beret?ref=shop_home_feat_1&frs=1

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