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The Parent Trap

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

To watch the tour of the main floor and courtyard, click here:

An overhead view of the courtyard. This is covered in the video.

An overhead view of the whole floor plan, to give you an idea of the layout. I walk us through it in the video.

I'm currently working on the upstairs of The Parent Trap home. It should be up sometime in early August 2020.

This is The Parent Trap bedroom in process - taking screen grabs on one computer, while I model it on the other one. The next step is rendering. That's the process that makes it look life-like.

Here are some furnishings and decor items that I found, similar to the ones in The Parent Trap home. *I am receiving no compensation for these call outs. I just merely looked on line for items that had "the same vibe."

You can find all of the TV & Movie homes that I've finished here on my YouTube channel :

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