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In Depth: The Bewitched Home

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

The Entrance to 1164 Morning Glory Circle

Welcome! Come inside for a closer look. Let's start with some views not shown in the gallery on the home page.

Here is the Stephens' home all dressed up for Christmas.

Did you ever wonder what that back hallway looked like? Here's a view we never got to see on the show.

Want to see what that nosy neighbor, Gladys Kravitz got to see when she looked in the window?

Below is what Gladys was looking at in the original Bewitched home.

This is what Gladys would see when looking into the living room.

And this is what Gladys Kravitz would see upon looking into the newly remodeled living room. I can hear her saying, "Abner! What kind of magic is this?!"

Gladys's view in the newly remodeled version.

Here are some side-by-side views of before and after Samantha's remodel that were not shown on the home page.

Kitchen View Before & After Remodel -facing den

Kitchen View Before & After Remodel - facing stove

Here is Darrin and Samantha's living room, stripped of all of its furnishings, so you can have a little fun imagining your own remodel.

Samantha's living room stripped of its furnishings.

And, finally, here are my "Where can I find something like that?" pages - a chance for you to see furniture you could purchase today for your home that is similar to those shown in Samantha's original home and her newly remodeled one.

*By the way, I am receiving no compensation for these call outs on furnishings. I merely searched online, on my own, to try and find similar items shown in the home.

And now let's find out where we can get similar furnishings as those shown in the remodeled version of the Bewitched living room.

A special shout out to the Art Director for the show - Ross Bellah and the Set Decorator - James M. Crowe! Thanks guys. We fell in love with the home you created.

To visit other iconic TV homes, you can visit the home page at:

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